Trainers and teaching staff

The Trainer Teaching Toolbox is a place for trainers and teaching staff interested in innovative learning arrangements.

This toolbox is a collection of learning arrangements (20 learning arrangements in total with over 80 digital learning tasks) on 4 main topics for learners depending on their language level (A0-B1). The content of the learning arrangements has been prepared in such a way that we can share them with you as PDF files. The PDF files are available in English, German, French and Slovenian.

The learning arrangements are linked to one or more competences of the European Framework of Reference for Digital Literacy, such as information literacy, communication skills and responsible use of digital media.

The learning tasks are individual activities. The toolbox is thus an effective tool for designing courses for women with a migration background.

The trainers or teaching staff need the following competences, information or teaching materials for the learning arrangements:

  • language skills,
  • digital competences for the use of the “learning App” tool,
  • socio-cultural competences,
  • competences to assign the tasks and to instruct the learners in the tasks,
  • competences to plan the learning tasks as preparation for a course and to evaluate them together with the learner,
  • Access to the tool “learning app” with the necessary permissions.

Prerequisites for using the digital learning tasks are a tablet, smartphone or PC, internet access and the online link to the learning task.

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