This part of the platform is aimed at migrant women with special needs and contains online learning tasks (e.g. multiple-choice tests, matching exercises and cloze texts) that combine reading and listening comprehension with digital skills.

This part of the platform is particularly suitable for linking language skills with digital competences, as attention is paid to simple (technical) language. The use of the platform should be supported and accompanied by the trainers and teaching staff, for example during the course.


Language Learning

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What is the capital of Belgium?

(one correct answers)

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Anna comes from Poland and attends a language course. Every day she travels by bus. What does she need for the journey?

(multiple correct answers)

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Thomas likes to shop a lot. Today he buys fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese, sausage and bread. Where does Thomas go shopping?

(select an correct answer)

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Sabine works at school and she teaches German. What is Sabine’s profession?

(write an Answer)

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Fabian wants to write an email to his friend. What does he need?

(multiple correct answers)

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