The STRENGTH project provides digital learning opportunities for women with a migration background who are at a beginner level in the language of their new country of residence and face educational disadvantages. The learners can directly access our page LEARNERS and will find over 300 exercises in four different areas, boosting social and professional inclusion.

The project STRENGTH is also geared for trainers and teachers in proposing didactical material and a curriculum with a training framework on how to reinforce the use of digital tools and online learning in training with the target group. In this way both , teachers and learners, are supported in using digital learning material and digital tools.

The project network takes into account the specific conditions in the partner countries – the specific target group of women with migration background, their level of education and level of language skills in the new country of residence. The digital learning arrangements, which can be integrated in ordinary training, focus on equal integration into society and / or work.

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