Training Workshop for Adult Trainers in Dresden / Germany

The STRENGTH partnership is inviting adult trainers to a three days workshop at the Technical University of Dresden from the 19th to the 21st of June 2024 to discover our Erasmus+ Project STRENGTH.

The project STRENGTH offers digital learning arrangements for women with a migration background and the need for social and professional inclusion, as well as didactical material and a curriculum with a training framework for trainers and teachers in adult education.

The three day training workshop will take place in the beautiful city of Dresden and will bring together adult trainers from Germany, Austria, Slovenia and France.

This training workshop is composed of 4 modules with the aim to empower trainers in the support, qualification and integration of women with migration background in using digital learning for a smoother social and professional inclusion.

The first module focuses on the educational approaches and the teaching styles, which we think are important when teaching adults and in particular adults in potential precarious situations and with special needs. Furthermore we’ll discuss the Digicomp for trainers framework and the competences needed when using digital tools and online learning. In this module we also focus on different types of training, from a 100% onsite to a 100% online and what this modality implies for a teacher/trainer.

In the second module we’ll explore different online learning and tools (applications, homepages, platforms, etc.) that can be easily and efficiently used in digital courses with the target group. The aim of this module consists as well in clarifying the difference between learning tools and teaching tools.

The third module focuses entirely on the project STRENGTH and its results. The learner will discover the homepage LearningApps and the exercises we created on social inclusion, professional inclusion, language training and basic digital skills. The exercises are available in English, German, French and Slovenian, and can be done on the computer, on a pad or on a smartphone. Learners will get all necessary knowledge and skills to create exercises for their learners on LearningApps. Furthermore this module will allow us to focus on the different European levels of language competences as CEFR and LASLLIAM.

The fourth module will equip the learners with basic technical knowledge on how to set and protect a digital learning environment. What does the teacher/trainers have to prepare and check when working with digital tools and online learning? How to react when technical problems occur? Data protection – how can teachers/trainers secure the learning environment? Those questions will be treated in this last module.

During our workshop we’ll also have touristic visits in the city of Dresden thanks to our hosting partner Bildungszentrum Lernen und Technik and we will be able to have a deeper look on research and innovation in digital learning and digital tools thanks to the Technical University of Dresden.

Our aim is to empower adult education trainers in the use of digital learning and digital tools but also to connect the participants from different countries, to exchange best practices and to enhance cooperation in adult education on an European level.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!

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