The Project

Digital tools and online learning offer a great variety for learners to discover, explore, understand and fix new learning contents. “Digital technology offers the prospect of individualized training, the ultimate form of differentiation. Its limitless potential enables us to offer all learners diversified, entertaining and emotionally-charged activities, and thus restore the desire to learn in as many ways as possible”.

We see digital applications and online tools as suitable engines for learning. The gamified mode of learning that is possible in the digital sphere often motivates the learners, and what’s more important, leads them to autonomy.

Digital technology is a powerful vector of opportunity for anyone who knows how to seize it. To take advantage of all the opportunities for integration, digital skills have become essential. Digital mobility is important not only for accessing information about your rights, but also for health care, employment, financial and administrative tasks, and education matters. This is a big challenge when arriving in a new country of residence where you don’t speak the language. Our target group of female learners are confronted with this challenge.

The project STRENGTH offers digital learning arrangements, didactical material and a curriculum with a training framework for the final beneficiaries, as well as trainers and teachers. In this way they are supported in using digital learning material and digital tools.

The project network takes into account the specific conditions in the partner countries – the specific target group of women with migration background, their level of education and level of language skills in the new country of residence. The digital learning arrangements, which can be integrated in ordinary training, focus on equal integration into society and / or work.

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