Start of the STRENGTH Related Training

Last week we started our new training using training contents of the project STRENGTH. It’s a course open to women newly arrived to France and educationally disadvantaged with a low language level in french.

The training’s objectives are improving French language competences, strengthen digital competences and increasing social and professional inclusion. Around 50 hours of course will be held until Christmas, every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

As trainers, we have often come across a lack of skills and knowledge of the women concerning digital advices and how to use them to do administrative work, communication in a professional and/or formal context, follow scolarisation of their children, find adequate information on the net, etc. Those competences are crucial for our learners to become independent in the new host society and achieve social and professional inclusion.

To that end, thanks to a collaboration with Action Numérique Solidaire, based in Paris, each participant has the chance to practice on a recycled computer. At the end of the course, each participant will keep the computer for their private use.

The aim of the project STRENGTH is to strengthen digital competences of our learners in proposing online learning units on LearningApps and other digital tools. We stared to test the first exercises on LearningApps on the topic of citizenship – the women were motivated and implicated. At the end of the project 80 learning units on 4 different topics will be available for interested teachers and trainers on the project homepage!

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