Evaluation of the Developed Learning Arrangements

Within the framework of Results 3, we developed four learning arrangements for the learning area “general qualification for the world of work”. For the courses of the projects “Migrantinnen einfach stark im Alltag (MiA)” and “Stark im Beruf” the tasks of the learning arrangements were used. The women were motivated and committed.

With the project “Migrantinnen einfach stark im Alltag (MiA)” we want to strengthen migrant women and encourage them to shape their lives in Germany with self-confidence. There are courses on “The educational system in Germany,” “Using the computer,” “Strengthening self-confidence,” “Consolidating the German language,” and other topics.

The “Stark im Beruf” project targets mothers with a refugee or immigrant background. The goals of the project’s courses are to improve job-related German language skills, strengthen digital competencies, highlight employment prospects, and improve labor market integration.

The trainers repeatedly find that the mothers lack skills and knowledge of digital tools and how to use them to find appropriate information on the Internet, communicate in a professional and/or formal context, etc.

The aim of the project STRENGTH is to strengthen the digital skills of women with refugee or migrant background by offering online learning tasks in the digital tool “LearningApps”.

The instructors of the courses of the projects “Migrantinnen einfach stark im Alltag (MiA)” and “Stark im Beruf” participated in a survey in which they were asked to evaluate the digital tool “LearningApps”.

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